Turning 30: It’s Not So Bad

Life Changes When You’re Turning 30

One minute you’re cruising through your twenties—staying up late, eating and drinking whatever you want, working hard and playing hard too, feeling invincible, and the next you’re…watching your calories and taking up golf? It doesn’t have to be like this.

The looming threat of adulting and the mysteries of maturity can paralyze us with fear. But we’re here to tell you a secret: Turning 30 is not about what you fear. It’s about what you prepare for. 

You might be surprised at how much your twenties set you up for what to expect when turning 30. You may not feel it, but the mental, emotional, and physical framework for conquering your 30s is already in place. You’re prepared. You’re ready. You just need to tap into it. 

Granted, it’s still an unfamiliar territory and you may need help with some of the navigating. That’s why we’re here.

But by and large…we know you’ve got turning 30 in the bag. Here are a few ways you have already prepared for the turning 30 milestone.

Why you are already mentally prepared to handle life at 30

Working through the challenges of your 20s involved a fast-paced, action-reaction lifestyle. Many of us saw the consequences of impulsive choices, both good and bad. We may still be living with some of the results as we tiptoe towards the threshold of our 30s.

Those experiences lead you to greater self-awareness. Studies show that at this age, many people begin to feel a sense of clarity about who they are and what they want from their experiences. As a matter of fact, it isn’t until you reach 30 years old that your brain is fully developed. In other words, when we hit our 30s, we think better. We process information better.

One of the perks of turning 30 is the knowledge of how to become the best you at any stage in life. The confidence that you gained over the last decade isn’t by happenstance. You did things. You took action. 

Celebrating being 30 and being mentally prepared also involves knowing your limits and understanding your resources. How can you supplement and enhance what you bring to the table? What action should you take?

You can take active steps to cultivate your mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Creating or reinforcing wholesome health habits during this new decade may look a little different than they have before. How you think about yourself and your world is central to how you feel and move. This means that it is even more important that you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression head-on. 

But developing strong mental wellness habits in your 30s doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few daily practices you can use to enhance how you think about yourself and your circumstances:

  • Read a book. 
  • Learn or participate in a new activity. 
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings. 
  • Play games that stimulate your thought patterns. 
  • Try to identify any major shifts in perspective and how they may relate to emotional/physical changes
  • Take vitamins and supplements to help regulate your mental balance.

Why you’re emotionally prepared to handle life at 30

Reinforcing your mental wellness is at the top of the prep list for how to avoid a breakdown at 30. It is essential because it paves the way for emotional maturity and physical fortitude. One of the fears of turning 30 is the anxiety of slowing down. We associate getting older with regression instead of progression. 

But research argues that this slow-motion moment should be reframed so that those new to the 30s understand what’s really happening. Being prepared involves embracing the process of slowing down as a recalibration of sorts—an emotional metamorphosis. Some of the feelings of angst, chaos, and uncertainty that plagued your 20s have put you on the path to emotional clarity. 

You just made it out of the most biologically difficult decade of your entire life. Celebrate turning 30! Because you’re ready. You’re prepared.

According to psychologists, people at this stage in life take time to think more about the quality of relationships. You prepare for progress. It’s at 30 that many people get rid of acquaintances or friends that don’t align with the direction of their life or the future they have planned. In other words, people this age are more selective about where and how they choose to expend their precious energy. 

Here are a few tips to keep your momentum during this emotional watershed:

  • Cultivate friendships that bring out your best self
  • Stay centered with meditation/spiritual awareness/affirmation activities
  • Refuse to engage in unhealthy comparisons or competitions
  • Stay aware of emotional shifts; they may be tied to hormonal changes
  • Use resources and products designed to help you develop and maintain emotional balance

Why you’re physically prepared to handle life at 30

Making it through the battles we put our physical bodies through over the past decade is nothing short of a miracle. And some of us have the scars to prove it. But you may be wondering what turning 30 holds for you with respect to physical movement. The liveliness of our youth has long been touted as the true marker of change. 

Will the indiscretions of our younger days haunt us now? Will the indiscriminate meals of straight carbs now cling stubbornly to your midsection? These are the fears that chase those joining the 30s club. 

And you may be wondering, “How am I prepared for this one? Who can combat nature?”

Well, you’re right. You may not be completely ready. 

But the dancefloor tenacity of your 20s has prepared you to tap into the physical stamina and work ethic you now need to get into or maintain your physical self. The goal is not just to look good…but also to feel great. 

Of course, some are better prepared. Maybe you tempered your drinking and dancing with a half-marathon or two. Maybe you had a “hot-body” summer every year in your 20s. Either way, you have the tools you need to anticipate the additional shifts that accompany physical maturity. 

You may just need a little direction on how to stave off a turning 30 crisis, and here it is: 

  • Make intentional choices to live an active lifestyle
  • Be sure to meet your daily sleep requirements
  • Give yourself a little more time for preparation and recovery when performing physical tasks (or drinking)
  • Try to consume healthy foods at least 80% of the time to minimize unwanted weight gain
  • Find the supplements, vitamin, and natural remedies to assist with preparation and recovery

Turning 30 is just a new phase of life. True success is about preparation and adaptability. Turning 30 requires both, and you’re ready for it.

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