Power Yoga: A Creative and Way To Stay in Shape

You’ve probably already been advised to embrace yoga’s many benefits to mind, body and soul. Or maybe you’ve just wanted to try it at least once and see what so many of its practitioners are talking about.

At VEIVE, we take your physical health seriously. We want you to feel better, and exercise and physical exertion can help. One of our favorite ways to give the body a workout ranging from gentle to extreme is yoga. Almost everyone can find the conditioning they need on yoga’s wide continuum.

Yoga has been around for quite a while now, which is one of the reasons there’s a range of forms to match everyone and anyone. When you consider trying it out, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the choices and information, not knowing where to start, or not knowing whether it’s right for you.

It takes time to build muscle memory and for the new flows to sink in, and Power Yoga is here to smooth that transition and make the world of yoga easier for you to enter and benefit from it.

Origins & Characteristics of Power Yoga

Some yoga leaders noticed back in the ’90s that many athletes had issues getting into yoga because their tendons and muscles would be too stiff and pumped up, raising the risk of injury and discouraging them from persisting in their attempts.

So on a quest to make yoga more approachable to high-intensity physical activity demographics, the masters developed a more open, rebooted version—and Power Yoga was born.

How Power Yoga Stands Out From Other Yoga

• Power Yoga allows you to determine the intensity and pace of your own sessions, merging common yoga postures with cardio and strength routines that create a hybrid practice that can stand alone as a unique and highly beneficial workout.

• It’s a vigorous and fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga, yet less uptight and with more dynamic movement, and more strength & cardio training.

• It’s faster than regular yoga and primarily practiced where people are generally more inclined to achieve more physical fitness with their sessions. With regular yoga, the focus is more on the position and breath, while Power Yoga focuses more on body movement, taking the breath as a reference to keep the pace in check.

• The rapid movements in Power Yoga help you boost your connection to your body and enhance your control over it rather than help you achieve peace of mind.

Benefits of Power Yoga

• Due to its high paced and high intensity, Power Yoga will improve your quality of sleep and help you fall asleep faster while stimulating your immune system and triggering an entire mechanism of associated benefits.

It will help you build muscle, boosting your strength and stamina and prepping you to handle your body weight at any time.

• Because the pace is related to your breathing patterns, it will improve your lung capacity to the point where you will shift towards a fully replenished breathing habit and become more oxygenated and focused overall.

• Stamina, strength and better breathing will work to improve your posture and flexibility as you flow from one pose to the other a little smoother each time.

• Bending and twisting your body during sessions gently massages your intestines, reducing symptoms of indigestion and awakening your umbilical chakra.

Weight loss is an obvious benefit, which stacks neatly on top of improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduced stress and toxins inside your entire body.

Is Power Yoga For You?

Power Yoga is an intensive activity, so you should be in a good physical shape and free of injuries. You should be sure there aren’t any old injuries that you might trigger if you go too explosive in a session.

You can adjust your pace to match your capabilities, of course, but you should have some mobility and stamina already just to be sure.

Avoid Power Yoga if you are pregnant. There are some poses that might cause issues potentially, during pregnancy. There’s prenatal yoga that’s way more gentle to the body and designed for pregnant women.

Also, if you suffer from a chronic illness, such as diabetes or arthritis, you’ll want to avoid Power Yoga. More intense sessions can be quite tiresome, and inflammation in the wrists can lead to injury if you overstep the boundaries.

Beginner’s Power Yoga Routine

Feel like giving it a shot? We put together a mild-to-moderate routine for you to try and see whether that’s something you could work around. Remember that practice makes perfect, and repetition is key. With Power Yoga, muscle memory is your best friend.

It won’t take you more than 20 minutes to go through the sequence below, and you’ll get both stretching and strengthening benefits.

Start off with some light stretches to get your body ready. If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells for the reps, just do it with your bodyweight. You will benefit from it and feel the effect either way. If you’re a beginner, go ahead and look them up.

Child’s Pose: 5 breaths

Downward Facing Dog: 5 to 6 breaths

Rag Doll: 5 to 6 breaths

Sun Salutation A: 3 reps

High Plank: 10 to 15 seconds

Chaturanga Push-Ups: 3 reps

Upward Facing Dog: 1 full breath

Squats: 1 minute

Lunges: 12 reps each side

Lawnmower Rows: 12 reps each side

Oblique Twists: 16 reps

Glute Bridges: 8 reps each side

Chest Fly: 10 reps

Weighted Crunch With Oblique Twist: 20 reps alternating sides

Leg Lifts: 12 reps

Figure Four: 30 seconds each side

Reclined Spinal Twist: 30 seconds

Savasana: 30 seconds to 2 minutes

Yoga Is A Lifestyle, After All

As dynamic and activating as Power Yoga is, it most certainly isn’t for everyone. But it might just constitute the single best physical activity to continue with your active lifestyle all the way through your maturity and reap maximum benefits. Not only will it help you balance out your mind and body, it will keep you looking and feeling younger, healthier and more focused.

Goodluck, and namaste.

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