How To Get Clear Skin Using The Most Simple Skincare Routines

Skincare is simple. Yes. You read that right. Industry giants don’t quite put it that way, but that’s because it’s cold, hard cash for them if you use multiple products, none of which does the job completely and usually works best if combined with several more products. That makes your skin all the more dependent on the aid of products to stay elastic and hydrated.

At VEIVE, we take skincare and your overall health—seriously. The truth is that your skin knows how to take care of itself and we’d like to share what we know about how it does that.

Most skin problems begin with pH problems. Your skin has its own optimal pH value, and problems occur when it’s too acidic or too alkaline. Even though pH is a broad subject with many determining variables, remember that your body is a self-regulating laboratory, a peak adaptational machine designed by millions of years of evolution. Let no product tell you otherwise.

Therefore, most skin issues require assistance from any product whatsoever to resolve on their own. That’s right. We just said that.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some really helpful natural skincare products and remedies out there. But we’d like to share what you can do to naturally assist your body to do its own thing—and get longer-lasting results without any worry of side-effects or product dependency.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Because hydration benefits begin at the cellular level, water is quite literally the universal catalyst for every process in your body. If you view your body as a masterpiece of evolution, put some blind faith into hydration. It’s kind of a miracle cure. Not taking enough water will make your skin dry, flaky and tight, and such poorly hydrated skin is more prone to develop rashes, tears and discomfort. 

So when you’re looking to assist your body to regulate your skin health, start at the beginning: Drink more water!

2. Break a sweat.

Exercise promotes blood flow to your skin, achieving that post-gym glow effect you’ve surely noticed. It’s an instant upgrade to your skin’s appearance, but it doesn’t end there. Working out boosts your metabolism. This means everything that needs to get out of your skin will do so more efficiently, while everything that needs to reach your skin cells will get there easier and be utilized better. Moreover, exercise is proven to promote a significant stress relief effect, and stress relief is one of the highest-contributing factors to skin health. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be an intense exercise. Even a 10-minute workout two or three times a week goes a long way to increasing skin glow and elasticity.

One important thing, though—avoid wearing make-up while you work out. Sweat combined with make-up means clogged pores, and clogged pores are a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty complications, from acne to rashes.

3. Face-washes are more than refreshing.

Facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body. It secretes more oil, and because of that, every tiny speck of dust latches right on. So do a face-wash frequently, especially if you touch your face with your fingers.

It’s incredible how quickly facial skin catches all sorts of impurities, especially if you live in an urban area with lots of traffic and more people moving around. So go ahead and take care of your face—but avoid too much soap or face-wash gel as an excess can mess up your skin’s pH and dry it out. Instead, try multiple face-washes throughout the day with just a dash of soap or gel. Massaging in just a speck of your face-wash product with warm water promotes blood flow, unclogs your pores and makes your skin more elastic.

4. Wash your stuff regularly.

Especially your clothes, sheets and pillowcases, followed by towels and whatever else regularly comes into contact with your skin. Your skin excretes oil and sheds dead skin cells, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasty microorganisms.

Think about it this way: Is there anything your face is in longer contact with throughout the day than your pillowcase? Change sheets at least every two weeks, and wash your clothes after wearing them. It’s alright to wear stuff twice, but try to avoid that. Long exposure of your skin to these surfaces increases likeliness of interaction, so on your journey to a naturally healthier skin, prioritize this step to take your effort to a higher level.

5. Collect some purely natural skincare products.

OK—sometimes you need product. Here’s our advice: Finding the right solutions for your skin requires focus and research. Don’t let yourself be marketed to—take your time to understand the needs of your skin and then search for products that answer to them. 

There are different types of skin, and many more types of products. But none of them can recognize the needs of your skin better than you. Observe your skin. See whether it tends to be rather dry, or whether it’s on the slightly moister side. How does it react to creams, and how does it react to water solutions? Does the moisture and elasticity fluctuate throughout the day? Think about your nutrition. Do you lack any particular vitamin? Do you deal with any particular skin issues—what’s causing them? Once you develop a deeper understanding of your habits and your overall skin type, you’ll have a better idea of the direction you need to go when choosing the right products.

We’ve been at this for a while now…

At VEIVE, we’ve built a broad knowledge base that we share with people who wish to understand how to better take on an extensively holistic approach to treat their skin better. Based on those insights, we came up with an herbal and vitamin skin soothing cream that you might want to check out to begin with.
Understanding its ingredients might be a great starting point as you set off to explore the natural skincare options. Click on the button below to check it out and gain access to more information about VEIVE.

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