8 Powerful Tips For Aging Gracefully And Staying Young

You’ve seen it. We all have. Fifty-year-olds who look forty. Forty-five-year olds who look sixty. Even worse: People who act decades older than they look. Sure, some of it’s because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control—but that doesn’t mean we don’t have something to do with it. The future is a destination…we all have something to say about how we get there.

At VEIVE, we take aging seriously—but not too seriously. It’s important not to stress about it, and remain fabulous while learning how to live and breathe in harmony with life’s challenges. So let’s have a look at the stops along the way and how you can maintain some control of the journey.

Your Twenties
Nobody knows what really goes on then, it’s an open-ended cluster of lifestyle tests, odd jobs, ups and downs, highs and lows, mixed with brief moments of clarity and flashes of future past. Those of us on the other side—we get it, and we have a simple message for a complicated time: Take care of yourself.


The Thirties

Then before you know it, you hit your 30s and voila!—you’re an actual adult. Staying out too late, sleeping in too long…these are no longer the excuses of a young person with a fun lifestyle; they’re signs you may need to get your act together. You can still have a good time—but maybe consider making judgement a small part of that cocktail.


The But

But…if you’ve read this far, you know by now that life’s not a party and there’s more to it than the panic-at-the-disco candy-coated anxiety of your twenties and even the onset of responsibility that dawns with your thirties.


As you evolve, your attention shifts inwards and what used to be a youthful vision quest ripens into a calmer, more contemptuous ethos. That’s a change primarily based on a new tide of genuine self-awareness and healthier priorities.


It’s a change so subtle that you may just open your eyes one morning and realize that even though you had no idea where you were going, you’ve already been there for a while now. That’s cool—but from now on: Less drifting, more driving.


The Science Behind Aging

Though aging can’t be fully described without the use of complex scientific terms, it comes down to wear and tear which occurs during the cellular reproductive process. See, cells can only divide a finite number of times, and in doing so, they develop an increasing number of imperfections, until they finally lose the ability to reproduce. 


A recent study conducted by the Los Angeles-based biomedical firm Intervene Immune suggests that it might be possible to turn back the clock on biological aging. 


They had a group of men self-administer a cocktail of growth hormone, a diabetes medication, and a hormone supplement over one full year, and the results were amazing. When researchers analyzed the men’s DNA, they found that their biological clocks had gone an astonishing two and half years backwards. 


Choices & Habits That Impact Aging

Does that once study mean you can stop the clock? No, but it does reinforce that the lifestyle habits and choices you make can impact your aging process, sometimes even more than genetic influences. 


To prove this, scientists studied differences in the physical appearance of identical twins attributable to aging. They found that the twins showing the greatest discrepancies in visible aging signs also had the highest degree of discordance between personal lifestyle choices and habits, with most damage attributed to sun exposure and smoking, followed by alcohol consumption, stress, diet, exercise, disease, and medication.


Tips for Aging More Gracefully

OK—you’re ready to let youthful freedom morph into adult-self-reliance. Believe it or not, you’re going to love it. Here’s a quick checklist for getting started:


  • Use the truths you found out about yourself and life in general to design a personal routine that recognizes your true needs and prioritizes your well-being. 


  • Tweak your new “system” as you move through life, making minor changes in adaptation to incoming challenges.


  • Deal with the simple things now. Like quitting smoking. Obviously. And: 


  1. Get better sleep.

You’ll process stress better, retain your decision-making ability and improve your long-term memory. You’ll keep your looks too. Chronic sleep deprivation, on the other hand, increases the likeliness of developing dementia at later stages of life.


  1. Watch your alcohol consumption.

High alcohol consumption causes the body to age on a cellular level, worsening the risk for development of age-related diseases. To top it off, alcohol abuse commonly leads to peripheral neuropathy and hormonal imbalances. It’s fine in moderation, especially a glass of red wine every now and then, but go easy.


  1. Drink more water.

As the catalyst for all chemical processes in your body, water helps ensure normal function of your organ systems and enhances your metabolic and detoxifying capacities. It helps deliver vital nutrients to the skin cells, replenishes skin tissue and improves your skin’s elasticity and moisture, helping delay the onset of aging. There’s so much more to the benefits of water, but you’ll be safe following this advice: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


  1. Kick sodium out of your life.

Watching out for sodium in processed foods such as canned goods, frozen foods, deli meats and carbonated beverages will help you fend off those nasty under-eye bags.  You’ll also be less likely to experience swelling and hypertension. All this makes kicking sodium out of your everyday one of the most important tableturns on ageing that you can pull off with little to no effort.


  1. Combat the sedentary lifestyle.

Remain active. If you aren’t up for heavy-duty working out, take walks. They’re great for taking some time for yourself and a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the state of your life situation and your emotions, which will help with stress management. Or  consider swimming, aerobics or yoga. Low injury risk, and you retain muscle mass and burn fats, minimizing the risk of disease while improving your blood flow to the skin and making it more elastic. Remember, movement is the basis of health, good looks and a sharper mind.


  1. Take time to prepare and enjoy healthy food.

Eat a balanced diet of proteins and antioxidants, and increase digestibles by including more fruit and vegetables. It’s also important not to leave out healthy fats derived from fish, mainly in the shape of omega-3-fatty-acids. Stay away from processed foods, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats. Once you get into it, cooking better food can deepen your self-appreciation and help you not only get to know yourself better by trying new things, but also the ones you cook for.


  1. Reduce screen time.

There’s no denying the countless advantages technology brings us. But when it comes to true connection with your loved ones and meaningful time for yourself, there’s only so much it can offer. So even though it may seem more comfortable at times, allow yourself time away from it. This may sound extreme, but it’s guaranteed to get you longer-lasting benefits than passively battling boredom with short-term dopamine spikes derived from TVs, phones and desktops. 


  1. Everyone loves sunshine. Just don’t overdo it.

Moderate exposure to the sun helps you produce vitamin D, get better sleep and boost your mood, but overexposure demolishes the collagen in your skin, leading to more wrinkles, more discolored age spots and a rigid skin. Thankfully, that’s easy to tackle. Just make sure to apply generous amounts of sunscreen and avoid sunlight during peak hours.


Age with Grace

We encourage you to make use of our continuously expanding knowledge base to stay one step ahead and to tackle pain more efficiently while learning more about other people’s experienciences to expand your own.


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